Parents' Testimonials

Choosing a daycare suitable for my son Mohamed was difficult, but the staff over at Kids Fun N Learn Centre exceeded my expectations. They provided my son an intimate experience full of learning and play. Furthermore, I was provided in depth answers to all of my questions and concerns. By all means Kids Fun N Learn Centre provided me and my son with the best daycare experience that no other place has been able to replicate. Eman Darwish

Mohamed Ahmed Abdelkerim

The facilities at KFnLC are some of the greatest in all of Calgary. They provide many activities ranging from a vast number of toys to intricate activities for each holiday. They have allowed my child Isabelle to learn about different cultures and indulge in her’s even more. Hien Luong

Isabelle Ngoc Pham

Kids Fun N Learn Centre is Offering daycare for 19 month to 6 years. Currently we are providing 10% discount upon 6 month registration for non-subsidy Child. For Subsidy Child one month free upon six month registration. The daycare Fee is very reasonable and the quality is at its peak! Contact us for visit.


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